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Originally Posted by Wonderfull Wolf ES View Post
its not true. Not all, maybe few of them. I send you PW with updates, WD users send you email. Please, dont tell me lies. BÅ‚yskotka Bellatrix WzB still dont have photo, 1 wolfdog have a wrong owner, etc., etc. What do you mean by "all" ??
Lets me understand. You try to tell me that I have done nothing because one photo and one owner is missing? Or missing are show titles which were not updated?
I do appreciate your work as I got many emails from you but this topic seems to be making problems where there are none.
By the way - the polish photos were added to the database as first. Other users are still waiting because the gallery is still on the work. They really can complain.
Anyway as I wrote. If something is wrong it is enough to send me an email. All changes - except huge amount of changes sent by the Italian moderator - were done.
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