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Of course change can be hard for a dog to adjust to but with enough time and effort I think it can work out fine.

A lot of people's dogs don't have access to a garden and I don't think their happiness is contingent on that as others have said.

I have a house but it's probably no bigger than an apartment since we're in a big city. And during the day when I'm not at home they are not allowed to the deck because frankly it's not safe to do that here.

Of course, they grew up this way so are accustomed to it, perhaps just some more time, some readjustment training in expectations, and increased exercise and social events will help you through it.

I think near everyone can say a vlcak would rather have adjustment pains than to lose their human.

But in honesty, if you feel you must rehome him, I would do it with the cooperation of his breeder if it is possible.
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