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Originally Posted by leila View Post
i mean - the slovakia is missing there in the word as czechoSLOVAKIAN wolfdog not only slovakia or not only czech. it was czechoslovakia.
It's ok, I knew what you meant , however I have had a look at the Spanish forum & it seems that nothing has been "lost in translation"
Originally Posted by pedrocalle View Post
Hola a todos/as , como podéis ver en el asunto, damos por concluido el nacimiento de la asociación "AMIGOS DEL LOBO CHECO" con las siguientes caracteristicas:
I don't speak Spanish, but even I can tell you (without google translate!) that "AMIGOS DEL LOBO CHECO" means "Friends of the Czech Wolf" & I agree that it is insulting to our Slovakian friends & I think misleading too. We're all aware of the problems surrounding our breed, firstly through misrepresntation & secondly from those who are attracted solely because of the wolf connection.

May I suggest that a competent Spanish speaker (respectfully) suggests via the Spanish forum a change of name to "Friends of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog"? Or if it's too difficult in Spanish & or Portuguese, why not adopt the Czech or Slovak word "Vlčák" (Czech) or Vlčiák (Slovak) as has been done in the US i.e. "Czechoslovakian Vlcak"?
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