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If it was google translator I think Perro Lobo would be translated as something like "dog wolf", perhaps PedroCalled had missunderstood the meaning of Vlcak.

I remind when there was in Portugal a "breeder" who wrote on his webpage that the meaning of Vlcak was "German Shepherd dog" and then the translation of Vlcak to "wolfdog" was wrong as it should be "Czechoslovakian German Shepherd", when I told him that is was wrong he proudly replied that he was perfectly right, as his Czech friend called his GSDs as Vlcak!

About Czech Wolf, call CzW like that is something that really bother me and often happen in Portuguese and Spanish (though also in french), particulary I find it very disrespectful.

But let me tell you that the complete name of the breed -> Cão Lobo Tchecoslovaco / Perro Lobo Checoslovaco - At least in Portuguese is quite weird to speak, even when you tell new people the correct name of the breed, seems their brain turn it shorth automatically, listening the only thing they wish to listen.

Me: "It's a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, a DOG breed."
Someone: "Mother of God, CzechoWHAT?"
Me: "Cze cho SLO VA KI AN wolfDOG, it's a DOG breed"
someone: "I knew ! I told you it was a WOLF! Then it is a Czech WOLF!!!"
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