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Originally Posted by of_Mercedes_Dream View Post
CSW Belgium is one of the west european club trying to convince breeders and owners to follow some rules before breeding. (bonitations, trainings,meetings,...)
Yes, I know and I am very glad. Also German clubs makes bonitations with experienced judges, so everybody can see that it can be done. I must say that it was a very good idea of the Belgian club to make bonitation training and it is very unfortunate that only two people came. But both of them could see that it is actually not much, that good socialization and upbringing is enough with most dogs and that the most important thing to do is to let the dog experience different situations. For both of the dogs the worst problem was that they were not used to being left somewhere alone, but that is so easy thing to train! It's not training actually, it is just making the dog used to such situation.

I do not know details about the meeting of judges, but I hope it will be pursued. On the other hand, judge for bonitations should have extensive knowledge of CSW, because he (or she) does not compare the dogs in the ring, he has to evaluate every dog separately, should know exactly what to expect (and for youth presentation also how the things might evolve) and spot instantly any fault which the dog has. You cannot expect anybody who was not around wolfdogs for many years to be a good bonitation judge and to be accepted as such internationally.

Anyway, the Slovak and Czech club are trying to unite the bonitations and as soon as we reach conclusions, we will publish the results in other languages too.
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