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CSW Belgium is one of the west european club trying to convince breeders and owners to follow some rules before breeding. (bonitations, trainings,meetings,...)
Look at our breedingrules
Sachia, you know it already.
But the club can only ask the people, not command.

We still need support from Czech Rep.and Slowakia but therefor it's necessary that :
a/ both countries work together for the same rules
b/every decission made by those coutries must be translated in English. And I hope the problems with numbers of judges for bonitations will be solved also.

Last year Sona told me that Slowakia was bizzy to arrange some meeting for judges from other countries to show and explain how a csw really must be. Do you know if this is going to happen ?
That is really necessary because some strange judges still think that a csw must be shy.....!!!!!! (heard myself on a show)

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