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Default Breeding fore Health, Money or Honour ???

Is Money and Honour more important than Health ???

How does the professional breeding plan for CsV look like, genetic / breeding ???

And what kind of diseases has the clubs discovered to be a problem under the years, and are monitoring ???
And how many % of population are caring unhealthy genes ???

What does the clubs do to prevent spreading of hereditary diseases and HD problems today ???
How big and problematic are the HD problem on are breed today ???

How many are interested of the best of the breed, and not just that there dogs go in to breeding at all costs, to prevent losing invested money, time and honour ???

How many are interested of building a DNA database to prevent spreading of hereditary diseases among CsV in the future ??? Where breeders whit healthy dogs can register !!! And buyers can see and better decide before buying a CsV.

Apparently there are some breeders, even if just a few, that are breeding on dogs that have serious disqualifying faults, and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that this can do BIG damage on are small population !!!

But as long as the clubs are fighting and not even can decide about the Bonitation rules, its hard fore the buyer to compare and even se the difference between serious and unserious breeder from time to time, especially if some CsV whit disqualifying faults have a good bonitation code !!!

Some breeders on this forum can not even answer a simple question about there dogs or offspring’s whiteout starting a big fight of honour, even if the question is as simple as "Do you have a HD-test result on your female dog ?"

Money and honour are apparently mush mush more important then the health of the breed fore some people !!!

Sad but true, regards / Mikael
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