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Originally Posted by Vaiva View Post
I am sure you had to be a pioneer
Not really Every time there was new enrolment announced, I was absent from school But I did play the piano at the October Revolution anniversary celebrations

the biggest trait they all share is that they are very intense and complicated in their personality, more so than other breeds, I guess. Each one is a puzzle. It's clearly not something everyone is prepared for that buys one. And this after many decades of very controlled breeding...I love the enigma we have now with the CSV, but recognize it's fragility too if breeders of the future aren't careful
I agree, Marcy It's so hard to answer questions like "Are they good with kids?" or "Do they bark or howl?" or "Are they friendly to people" or "Do they escape from their owners?" etc. Once, when I tried to be exact, I heard "You own the dog but don't appear to know much about the breed character"

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