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Originally Posted by Silvester View Post
Hi Marcy , I think with the shyness of these dogs it depends on individual pre-dispositions and on good socialisation during the first weeks - just like with all dogs.

If you know about the tendency to shyness because of wild canide genes inside the breed ( no matter whether it´s wolf or jackal ), one must take care much more with getting them very good socialiced, by spending a lot of time with the puppies... If you don´t do enough, they will become shy at last, sure. May be this is the only "secret" on what was told about this behaviour of "shalaikas" ( I already told that I like more to call them "sha-la-laikas"... )
Agreed! It's one of the most difficult things to explain to new people with our breed. Shy is not typical, not desired, not common...but not rare, I guess, either. Much of it (not all) is preventable through early (and continued) socialization, and understanding individual dogs as well as lines. It takes a lot of time and research (or good luck!) to know what you are seeing or getting in a CSV puppy. In observing my own dogs (I have the whole spectrum, from the boldest of the bold - crazy! to a quite shy dog, everyone else is inbetween )- the biggest trait they all share is that they are very intense and complicated in their personality, more so than other breeds, I guess. Each one is a puzzle. It's clearly not something everyone is prepared for that buys one. And this after many decades of very controlled breeding...I love the enigma we have now with the CSV, but recognize it's fragility too if breeders of the future aren't careful.
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