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Originally posted by GalomyOak :
"Though...on topic of shalaikas, the video from Uli in the other post seems to show them not being too shy - they seem comfortable jumping up on benches near strange people in the airport. They are wonderfully cute!"

Hi Marcy , I think with the shyness of these dogs it depends on individual pre-dispositions and on good socialisation during the first weeks - just like with all dogs.

If you know about the tendency to shyness because of wild canide genes inside the breed ( no matter whether it´s wolf or jackal ), one must take care much more with getting them very good socialiced, by spending a lot of time with the puppies... If you don´t do enough, they will become shy at last, sure. May be this is the only "secret" on what was told about this behaviour of "shalaikas" ( I already told that I like more to call them "sha-la-laikas"... )

And - as you tell it in your posting- the dogs in the video are not shy at all , as everybody can see.

Best greetings to USA sends

Uli alias Silvester from Germany

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