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Originally Posted by SARKA View Post
it is not true, because they are the dogs are marked with?, and this draws deception to any people who would like to buy the dog from this kennel, I call it unfair competition
Hahahaha.. if we would speak about "unfair competition" we should speak about the Italian Club dog shows and the reason why Monika Soukupova is invited there again and again to judge the shows? The same apply for the second "Mutara-mixes-judge": J.Jedlicka...
Let me quess.... Fabio and the Mutara gang invites them because they know that the Mutara mixes will win? It is also the reason why they do not invite normal expert judges which are NOT involved in the Mutara-Mixes promotion...

Do you think it is fair towards Italian Wolfdog owners? Such categories of selection of judges are sick. It is exactly "unfair competition" where some Italian breeders invite judges which guarantee them some wins...even of the dogs DO NOT deserve it.
Result: even the most untypical Mutara-mixes win a lot.... I saw winner which looks like pure Saarloos and one which look like Malamute-Mix.... Dogs which would never win (they should not even be "excellent" for theor untypical look) if the dog would be judged accoring the breed standard...

Latest example... Mutts which are winning thanks to "Mutara mother"....

What is unfair competition? Unfair cometition towards ALL owners of purebreed Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs is to nominate SAARLOOS as the best Junior of the "Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Club Dog Show in Italy"....
It is also simultaneously total discreditation of the judge who is bragin herself to be expert for wolfdogs. No wonder that the "mother of the Mutara-Mixes" is invited only by the Italian (Saarloos-Mixes) Club and black-listed by all other (purebreed) breed clubs...


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