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Default Luna loose @ night...

Recently Luna has been maturing enough to earn herself extra "privelages". For example, if I need to take another dog out for a quick walk I may leave her loose in the house (like we do with the other adults). I don't constantly watch her if she is out, etc.

Some of the dogs we even leave loose in the bedroom at night (mainly Maya and Kiri - Zorro will tend to life his leg on things, like clean laundry!). We've given Luna this HIGE privelage over the past few weeks (2-3 times a week?).

I think she doesn't know what to do with herself, though. She's on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off the bed, prancing around, pacing, on the bed, off the bed, etc.. When we were on vacation in Orlando we allowed her loose many nights and she did excellent - she'd curl up either at the foot of the bed or inbetween us (or that one night she tried to sleep on my head!) and slept.

I'm assuming this may be a normal adjustment going form crated at night to loose in the bedroom?
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