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Default Your experience with early sterilization

As wolfdogs and CzW are quite different of a normal dog, would like to know if someone here have experience to share with the early sterilization of wolfdogs or CzW.
Mainly I would like to know how it was, how it affected the dog in long term and so on...

Unfortunately, I arrived to the conclusion that the amount of people able to have an dog able to reproduce here is such small that will be definetely safer for the breed and for the future of the pup to sell or even donate them all sterilized
I'm simply with no heart to sell/reserve any of my females pup, as I note that most of the interested people comes with two $$ in their eyes, people which knew the breed in the same day and already talk about intend of breeding.
It's so sad, but the cynology in my country is in fact not mature enough to let people have non sterilized breed dogs.
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