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Originally Posted by wolfin View Post
yes IF this country want recognised this. If not like Belgian, can and not make this. for this mas please running protocol from slovak and please a belgian for oficial sertificat.
p.s. good when LKD make this sertificat, when she not mas make this, when this mas make a country in who live a dog.
daiva, russia (as belgium as i understood) doesn't have svp exam, it is simply doesn't exist here. so russian kennel club just can not issue diploma of svp which doesn't exist here as a working trial. the only way to solve the problem is to contact fci, imho. there is no problem with slovakia or lithuania, the problem is with some national kennel clubs which are "too slow" and which still don't know about svp any international diploma issued by any fci memmber should be recognized by all other kennel clubs which are also members of fci. this is what i mean. of course thanks to lkd which makes diplomas for stone age countries like russia which still has no club of the breed and doesn't recognize some special exams
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