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Default SVP fci attest is not recognised by Belgian FCI !

Hello from Belgium,

2 females of me, Fanny and Isla have the certicate of SLovenska Kynologicka Jednota (FCI) , an official document of the SVP test, which allows the dogs to show in working class.
In 2009/2010 Fanny indeed was in working class, now today for the Brussel dogshow, they don't accept it. Even it's an official FCI certificate.

The organisation sended me an email that only Belgian certificates are accepted. In the official letter of FCI , is written that for some countries and for some breeds the are exceptions.

I've always heard that our breed, CSW , has an exception: the svp is accepted by fci international as working test.

Has someone an official document of it?

If it's international , Brussels MUST accept this!

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