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Question Questions connected with, database and other technical matters....

Hi to everyone,

this time of year i am trying to list my litter on, mainly because this site/forum feels like super important for the breed, unsuccessfully unfortunately. I started looking for who is responsible for indexing new litters on this application and concluded that there is a mystery around this kind of things since litters never submitted by breeders are getting listed and others trying to submit their litter can't.

So my questions to anyone that can answer are:

- Who are the moderators on this web application?
- Why this site have links that don't work @ all?
- Is it maintained by anyone anymore?
- Probably the DB on is bigger than other databases but without automatic litter submission this DB is going to degrade on info in the near future.

I have spend countless of hours checking but unfortunately i see people switching on other databases and this is a pity.
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