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Default do not hate your Ancestor, the Carpathian wolf, respect him.

"We recognize the face, a broad mask that tapers gracefully into a long muzzle. We have looked into the eyes, bright with curiosity. We understand the messages conveyed through posture: the alertness seen in expression, the playfulness of a bow, the confidence or fear betrayed by an animated tail. We can be forgiven for thinking we already know the wolf, for in many ways we already do.
Genetics leaves little doubt that domestic dogs, our canine companions, are descended from wolves. The DNA of any dog is almost exactly the same as that of a wolf.
You can see a lot of your dog in a wolf and a lot of wolf in your dog. They are both social animals. Just like elephants, gorillas and whales, they educate their young, take care of their injured and live in families groups.
The traits that wolves passed on to dogs served us well as we became shepherds and farmers. We capitalized on the wolf’s territorialism to create a dog that steadfastly guarded our flocks and property. We put the wolf’s superior sense of smell and knack for locating prey to use as trackers and retrievers on our own hunts. We transformed the wolf’s skill at harassing and maneuvering big grazing animals into a herding instinct, helping us move our livestock from place to place.
The wolf also passed along to dogs its most indispensable qualities: devotion to its pack, sociability, and a capacity for learning, communication, and expression.
In turning the wolf into the dog, we created the ultimate companion, a faithful friend that can understand our intentions even better than our fellow primates can.
Both wolves and humans brought unique, complementary talents to a relationship that was based on mutual respect. Several scholars agree that humans learned to hunt from wolves.
The relationship between dogs and humans has been so mutually beneficial and enduring that it is clear that we influenced each other’s evolution.
Knowing all that the wolf bequeathed to our beloved dogs, how strange that we reserve for wolves a special hatred that we hold for no other animal.
We brought our domestic dogs along with us, into our pastures, cities and homes.
Wolves are the dogs that stayed behind, favoring their wild ways. Perhaps we can’t forgive them for that."
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