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Because according to to the web page of the Italian CzW Club all people listed in contacts are either owners of "Passo del Lupo" dogs or PDL-mixes I preffer to publish a copy of my letter also here.... :

"My question is WHY Club Cane Lupo Cecoslovacco was waiting so long? Years ago you were informed about the wolf mixes bred by Passo del Lupo and Foresta incantata. You get the information on the OFFICIAL way from the Slovakian CzW Club. Why did you done NOTHING against it?
Already 2012 the Italian Club signed a contract with Slovakian CzW Club - the main goal of this contact was to stop registration of the mixes in Italy (see point 3.). You were able to stop it BEFORE the police started to investigate it... I'm sorry but it makes you in fact (at least partly) responsible for the whole situation...."

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