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Italian kennel "Passo del Lupo"....

HUGE frauds. Many dogs will be controlled. Many FCI pedigrees will be cancelled.... European Law get boken.

There persecutions will follow not only in Italy ("Foresta incantata" with their mixes of the same origin as the dogs by PDL is next on the list) but also in other countries because the are mixes with similar fake pedigrees which were bred/kept also in Finnland ("Wolfsirius" kennel), Czech Republic ("Lucky of Lukava" kennel), Hungary ("Crying Wolf" kennel) and France (most of the kennels - main one: "de la Louve Blanche").

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PERSON WHO STARTED IT??? What about the person who is responsible for all those frauds? For what is done to this poor dogs??? What about the head of Mutara-fraud?
Of course I'm speaking about Monika Soukupova ("Z Molu Es") kennel who started registration of those illegal mixes with fake pedigrees in Czech Republic? FCI judge (sic!) and member of the Czech breeding comittee(sic!)? I hope CMKU and Czech Club will draw the consequences....13 years after the fraud was reported to them... :/

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