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Originally Posted by massimo View Post
meaning that an Italian breeder can make a good dog by chance or by mistake too....correct?

This is all very funny...

I personally would NOT have made that litter, maybe the breeding rules in CZ and SK would NOT have allowed it.

But also the CZ and SK rules would not have allowed my own dog to be born, Oliver Passo del Lupo, because his father is too short (64.5) and too shy.
Funny isn't it...those are actually the OPPOSITE characteristics of my dog...

Who is right?
I don't know...i'm not a breeder, i don't earn any money from dogs... i just love this breed.
i mean, in ITA or FRA use breeders dogs, who are for breeding everithing but not plus. when i look at the dogs i must stay o moment and look at it twice, to recognize a wolfdog in it... or they have a bad HD result... nevermind, only my thoughts and i DO NOT say everyone is bad and only SVK or CZ dogs are the best... NO! i know many dogs not from this countries who are beautiful!

i know, its on the clubs in the country. what do they alow or not. think that breeding of CSW in ITA, FRA,... is too benevolent.
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