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Originally Posted by SARKA View Post
This is in response breeder Monika Soukupova kennel z Molu Es , I write because she does not have access to this website.
Jolly z Molu Es likely carries genes English Bulldog it will
probably the real reason why Peronówki small, have no hair, some
there are enough brachycephalic: 0) I'm sorry, but I deal with it, unfortunately nothing do.

Typical Monika: bitterness, blind fury and no contact with reality + luxuriant imagination...
Sounds funny for somebody who knows that you are not only using OUR dogs for breeding but also I never saw "z Molu Es" having such reach coat as some of our dogs have (I do not speak about the longhaired "Shepherd Dogs" which you promote so much) ...

What is funny - for the first time I heard doubts about the "z Molu Es" pedigrees.... in Czech Republic (it was said by member of the board of the Czech CzW Club).
The fact is that the Czech CzW Club has proofs showing clearly that Monika Soukupova was the "head" of the Mutara fraud committed in Czech Republic.... Without her there woud be no mixes in Czech Republic and no mixes in Italy.... It is why so many people from CZ are affraid that she will try to import the Mutara-blood to Czech Republic in a hidden manner to put the Czech CzW Club with a fait accompli. (words (c) by one of the Czech board members)
Monika Soukupova is discredited as a breeder and as a FCI judge FCI so I do not know why she wonder that other Wolfdog owners have so negative opinion about her?

I do not feel sorry for her. With cheating the Czech Club and FCI regulations she opened the Pandora box - cheaters from other coutries show Monika's work to justify their frauds.... She is also the biggest promotor of the mutts in Italy... So no wonder that she is treated as a black sheep in the Czech Republic and breeders avoid using dogs from her kennel... Lets be honest. 15 years ago people were proud of having a "z Molu Es" dog. Now it is HUGE shame...

Anyway if somebody is interested in FACTS (and not about fairy tales told by Monika/Sarka) - it is possible to find the whole story about registration of the mixes in Czech Republic here on Wolfdog.... everybody can see that Monika Soukopuva in the swamp up to her ears....

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