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Default Border collie & vlcak at home


as I have written in another thread, I may have a CSV bitch in the next couple of months. I am also quite excited!!

I have no experience of the breed except what I have read. I wonder, given my lifestyle it would suit the CSV if I had a border collie also.

I have great experience with the BC breed having lived on a farm with a pack & having my own beautiful girl for many years who sadly recently passed away.

There is a lovely BC with good temperament, that for no fault of her own needs a rescue home. She has been well trained thus far & would be 8 or 9 months when my CSV is ready to come to my home.

Have any CSV owners had a similar experience wherby their CSV was happy in this situation.

A little about my circumstances, which are I think important. The biggest part of my life has been dogs for many years. So they stay with me nearly all the time, I work from home & like to go travelling alot with canines in tow. Most of my leisure time is spent in the company of both dogs & people.

Any stories from fellow members very welcome, even bad ones if they are useful & correspond with the question
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