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Vassil_Vassilev 22-04-2014 10:43

Growing stages - age&height&weight
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Hi all,
when you get a puppy and you want to take the best cares of him/her, you will always ask yourself if I feed properly especially the first 8-10 months when the growing is fast. That is why I am trying to find sort of details what is the height/weight at certain months of CSWs. I know that it is specific for each dog, but in general there should be some common thresholds.
My male CSW is now 6 months old 60cm high and 28kg. I am feeding him mainly raw (sometimes boiled meet), giving calcium and vitamins. He eats around 1.5kg per day.
I want to be sure if I do it right and my dog develops correctly, so I would be grateful if you could share your experience about your puppies.
I will post later the exact height/weight at each month starting from month two of my dog.
The reason for asking this as you might guess is because I am feeding him raw. I read many articles that only meat is not enough, you could not balance calcium etc, so I am getting a bit worried if he develops correctly.
I am posting two photos of my dog at 6 months.
Thank you in advance!!!

here are the details for my dog:
Months Weight Height
2 6
2.5 9.3 38.5
3 11.5 41
3.5 15 45
4 19.2 50
4.5 21 52.5
5 24.5 55
5.5 27.2 58.5
6 27.2 60 (he was ill for 5 days during this period and lost a lot of weight)

if other people share similar info we could get sort of a chart for which lefteris asked in his thread here:

Similar info for females you could find here:

Vassil_Vassilev 23-04-2014 09:22

As I said yesterday I am writing the size details according to the age of my dog. If more people do this we could make sort of size (weight/height) chart for CSW as the one lefteris was searching in his thread here:

2.5months 9.3kg 38.5cm
3months 11.5kg 41cm
3.5months 15kg 45cm
4months 19.2kg 50cm
4.5months 21kg 52.5cm
5months 24.5kg 55cm
5.5months 27.2kg 58.5cm
6months 28kg 60cm (he was sick this time and did not eat almost 5 days and lost weight)

For females similar details could be found here:

tupacs2legs 03-05-2014 15:33

hi :)

personally i do not think comparing puppies will help,all dogs grow at different rates.
i always tell my clients never to go by weight(a rule i follow with my own dogs)you should always go by look,but most importantly feel ;) :)

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