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Sherdor 16-06-2016 09:22

PHOTOS from World Special Dogshow for Slovak breeds NITRA 2016
I am happy to present my dog in this great dogshow. I am also very happy to take a lot of photo from this dogshow

I presented onto my facebook pages for all CWs lovers.... but my facebook pages are not a "free" photo database.

A bastard has taken my photos to put into the wolfdog.ord database, thing i haven't given my authorization to do.

Even i could imagine i woulld give it, it is no sense to load my photos and put them into wolfdog.org with no asking for that.

Who is the admin which has done that ?

wolfin 19-06-2016 22:09

not sick a narcis syndrom ok :)

Sherdor 20-06-2016 18:50

Only tired to these methods so disrespectful.

I guess the admin who had fun it was plenty of time to lose ... get my photos, then upload them to the database ...

... Maybe a little more time with her own dogs were more bénéifiques?

But from the Wolfdog admin team, there is no more person involved in these great events to take any photos ??? This makes me very sad ...

In other, admin does not have time to correct the errors of the database ... pathetic

But "not sick narcis has syndrom ok" ... what a clever answer;)

wolfin 20-06-2016 22:27

I not admin, only this are so funny :D your reaction.

SARKA 14-09-2016 07:55

beautiful pictures

BRUCH 27-09-2016 15:43

Thanks for fotos

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