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Roh_Hanin 01-11-2015 05:44

Best reputable breaders
Looking at getting a Vlcak within the next year. Problem is that the only American breeder I know of has taken an undetermined hiatus from breeding. Now I will have to look out of the country. But, I am wary of to many stories I have read about way to many unscrupulous European breeders. What breeders would be respectable and from where getting a puppy from that country into the US not be an eternal process and to difficult?

Thank You in advance

yukidomari 01-11-2015 21:18

There could be a thousand different responses and still no consensus as to who is the 'best' or most reputable.. I suggest you pick a breeder based on the dogs they have which you like, make sure the pedigrees are clean, and talk to other owners about various breeders.

However, 'easy come easy go' remains a pretty standard theme - if you want a puppy easily and without much hassle, also consider what type of breeder would be keen to randomly and quickly send puppies to a complete stranger.

Roh_Hanin 01-11-2015 22:01

It is not the breeder I am worried about in terms of taking forever to get the pup to the states. It is the Government and their red tape that is the issue. I am referring to countries that do not make it difficult to take pets to the states. I would actually prefer to go and pick the pup up.

As far as breeders, there are way to many out there I read about that are unscrupulous, falsifying records of health and breeding. Crossing wolves into the blood line recently. These things are a problem and they can be hidden by breeders. But, I also know that there are those on this site that know breeders that are honest and care about the pups more than money and any position of authority in some canine association.

BTW, I am in Los Angeles myself. but will be moving within a year to a place with land and nature.

yukidomari 01-11-2015 23:45

All dogs from non-rabies free countries must be a minimum of 120 days old before import to the USA according to the federal Center for Disease Control (CDC). Currently the following European countries are considered rabies-free:

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Corsica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway (except Svalbard), Portugal, Spain (except Ceuta and Melilla), Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Meaning that puppies may be imported from these listed countries whenever they are eligible to fly (most airlines 8-10 weeks).

Still, the geographic origin of a puppy should probably be a secondary consideration to the quality of the parents you seek. the age limitations are workable with a reasonable breeder.

Btw- all litters listed on wolfdog.org at least have the minimal health testing and don't involve dogs from former or current mix-breeders or pedigrees that contain dogs bred during mix-breeding periods.

Perhaps the best way forward may be to look at some litters, then inquire with fanciers, owners, and breeders about a specific litter vs a breeder in general. Good litters may come from a random one-off breeder, and a long time breeder may consistently breed litters that are not really interesting to anyone but a casual buyer.

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