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MirjamJ 18-03-2015 16:28

Can i get my dogs papers?
Hi, I have an TWH he is going to be 2 years old in june. We live in Switzerland and bought our TWH here to. The dog had no papers due it was an "accidental" litter. Both parents are pure breeds with al the papers. Is it possible to get the papers for my dog so i can go to dog shows and so on? Thanks for the help. Greetings from Mirjam & Diablo.:)

yukidomari 18-03-2015 16:43

I think that the only ones who can answer this would be Swiss kennel club SKG: http://www.skg.ch/cms/home.html

In some limited cases different kennel clubs will issue papers provided parentage can be proven, but it is individual to each kennel club.

If the puppies did not come with papers and the reason is that they were accidental, I assume the country from where they came have some stipulations on breeding rights which the parents did not (or not yet) meet and that's why they were unable to get papers..? So it depends too where they are from, and if the breeder is even willing to cooperate, too.

MirjamJ 24-03-2015 11:11

I will do that thank you ;)

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