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hanninadina 12-07-2010 12:55

Apoena Taura Bera in wolfdogs magazine
Hey nice story from Andrea from Brazil who got from the 1st born litter of csw over there a pup called Apoena. Andrea wrote a story for new issue of americans "Wolfdogs Magazine" www.wolfdogsmagazine.org.


Gypsy Wolf 13-07-2010 18:30

Read the article! I was so surprised about the similarities in my story with Luna and hers with Apoena!

TipTop 17-07-2010 00:36

Hi everybody!
I still have not read the new wolfdogmagazine. I wrote the article talking about Apoena, but I have not received the latest issue of the magazine, so I do not know how it was edited the material I sent them.

Only thing I can say at the moment is that I am very happy with my dogs, and grateful to Paula for having given me a very special animal.

And Lunas Mon, now I am curious about your story, LOL.
Sorry if my english is not very good...:oops:

hanninadina 17-07-2010 01:02

I guess they took your story 1 to 1. It is a nice story about csw.


Gypsy Wolf 17-07-2010 01:07

My story is similar to yours in that I stumbled onto the breed about a year and a half ago and started communicating with Marcy Goldstone at Galomy Oaks in Virginia... I thought it would be quite a while before I got a vlcak - her dogs had not been bred yet, and since I wanted a female, I figured I would be low on the list... well she bred a beautiful litter - 3 boys and 1 girl. The female had been promised to someone else, but it fell through, so she asked if *I* would be interested in the girl?
Holy YES!
I just happened to be up north for Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City (I showed my Malinois there) so I tool a road trip down to VA and picked up the little "angel"... her first week with me she traipsed all over New York city! And flew home wrapped in my coat, snuggled on my lap. Only the stewardess who served me even saw her, but as my Malinois is also my Service Dog, and hopefully she will be too when she grows up, they were allowed in the cabin with me.
I always am thankful that Marcy took a chance on me. Technically, if all goes well, Luna could be the "foundation bitch" for the American lines... makes me excited and nervous as the same time.
And gives me heart failure when Luna does things like leap into alligator-infested canals...

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