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Darius 02-10-2013 20:53

Puppy Planning
Hi, all. I am a long-time lurker on the site, but a first-time poster. In December 2012, my nine year old Darius died of cancer. I don't need to tell anyone on this site how hard that is.

After spending 9 months with only cats, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for a puppy. Having spent nine very happy and fulfilling years with Darius, there is only one choice of breed I am considering for my new little girl.

To make sure she is properly socialized when young, I would like to take her home with me in the early spring, when the parks and forests in and around Amsterdam come back to life (many dog owners seem to hibernate between December and March). I am super excited about having a new little girl in the house, but frustrated at the same time, as I cannot start talking with and visiting breeders who may have puppies in the spring, because the "Planned Litters" are not planned that far in advance.

So . . . my question: Is anyone (breeder) planning puppies in the early spring? Ideally, I would like to visit breeders in NL, but I am willing to travel in Europe to find the perfect addition to our family.

Thanks in advance for any and all information!

Gia 03-10-2013 00:33

The list will be updated soon, as the breeders will send their plans :)

yukidomari 06-10-2013 23:45

but don't only plan for timing of when the litter will be born.. pick the litter from the parents and the breeder you want and maybe the breeder will work with you for timing :)

of_Mercedes_Dream 13-10-2013 11:24

since two weeks I added two litters for january 2014. Untill now nothing is shown on the list ?
Patrick (of mercedes dream)

Lupusek 14-11-2013 09:32

There is a problem of adding planned litters to the database, so I will write here:

We expect two litters on the beginning of 2014:

1. Ulvar Lupusek x Morta z Peronówki (first pick up date: 25.01.2014)

2. Urobach z Peronówki x Callisto z Peronówki (first pick up date: 6.02.2014)

Panagiwths Kalyvas 21-12-2014 20:22

Hi I am serching for a puppy
Hi my friends my name is pete an I am a 16 years old boy how live in grece and I already have an tsexoslovakian wolfdog named arhs how is going to be 2 years old at 25 December of this year my wolf feels lonely when me and my family are out of home im interested to find a female company for him so they can be together for the rest of their life I would like to find a female puppy if anybody could help aris contact with me at : ([email protected])

Panagiwths Kalyvas 09-01-2015 21:20

Hi my friends I'm sorry for the messege but really cannot take a puppy this time maybe the year after this year again sorry

Cywolfdog 29-07-2015 20:10

Have you found a pup?

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