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sdivokoukrvi 13-04-2016 20:54


Originally Posted by yukidomari (Bericht 463694)
what do you want explanations and evidence of, specifically?

that my kennel breeding hybrids

yukidomari 13-04-2016 22:53


Originally Posted by Alissea (Bericht 463695)
that my kennel breeding hybrids

I do not believe that your kennel is breeding mixes. As I previously responded in paraphrasing Admin's post:


Originally Posted by yukidomari (Bericht 463667)
All litters of "z molu es" from 2005 and on have been marked, not just "U" litter. The explanation is because this is the start of the kennel's activities in the mutara business.

But directly from Admin:

At the request of owners and breeders from Italy I added to the blacklist three other kennels supporting and promoting mixes: this time the kennels runned by three Czech FCI judges responsible for Mutara registrations in the Czech Republic: "z Molu Es" (owner: M. Soukupova), "Seda eminence "(owner: J. Jedlicka) and "z Pražského podhradí"(owner: A. Šimackova).
At the moment active is only the first one, the second breeds Saarloos Wolfhonds, and the third one is inactive.
As for Italy, all dogs bred by those kennels since 2002 (begin of the swindler related to their registration) and their offsprings will be marked as suspicious. This will be of course removed after confirming the origin of the mentioned dogs by parentage DNA tests.
As rightly noted is not fair blacklisting only Italian breeders, since for the project "Mutara MIX" are responsible also the mentioned people from the Czech Republic.

I hope that answers your question.

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