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Liahardos 07-12-2015 14:41

Advice needed
My name is Yannis and I have a vlcak fellow called Athos (http://www.wolfdog.org/dbase/d/22626).
We used to live in a house in Marathon , which is a village near Athens. The house (which was a detached one) was spacious with a big garden where Athos was very happy
Unfortunately , due to the crisis in Greece, I had to leave this house as I couldn’t afford its payments.
Now, I live in an apartment in Athens which is really small, especially for Athos. While I am working (its about 10h per day) Athos is left alone in the apartment instead of the garden that he used to. As a result , he became nervous and turned up to be unhappy and depressed.
The last months I’ve been trying to find a solution in order to improve his life quality but no matter how I tried it wasn’t enough. Although it was really hard , I ‘ve decided that its really selfish of me to keep Athos under these circumstances . I ended up that –for his happiness- he has to be where he belongs. In a place where he can run and play.In a place with other vlcak to help him with this life change.

Of course Athos is still my responsibility and my priority so I won’t send him anywhere alone. I will travel with him anywhere in Europe and stay a couple of days to make it easier for him.
I will continue paying for his food for the rest of his life as I feel that this is the least I can do for my fellow. I am also willing to support with his possible new training or his medical needs and that’s because this is not an abandon but the result of the dead end in which we are
I would really appreciate if anyone could help me find a refuge for Athos . As you are all emotionally attached with vlcaks , please don’t hesitate to give me your advice or opinion
Thank you in advance

ps. for some reason i cannot upload pictures but i can email them if needed

Nebulosa 07-12-2015 15:17

I know a lot of people who have Vlcaks in flats without major problems. I rather send a pup to an owner living in a flat, than to someone who lives in a farm or house with big garden, because for vlcaks the "Live among humans as a family member" is really important for the quality of his life.
But your dog will need time to get used with his new life.
What routines have you tried with him since you moved to a flat?

Liahardos 07-12-2015 21:22

There is 2 major problems , the first is my 30m2 appartment and the second is that my jov turned from 4 hrs/day into 10hrs/day. I tried a lot of things but nothing helped.To be clear in you guys, it is very easy to find a person that likes a wolfy dog and turn Athos from my problem into his problem but it is like giving something more than a part of my family.

This is why I am getting this so seriously and ready to travel all Europe for the best of my pal and keep paying for his needs.I don't want to pass my responsibilities to someone else, I just want a good place to my good friend. Believe me its much harder than it seems to be.

Thank you for your reply

If anyone has any idea please help me

wolfin 07-12-2015 22:42

was a time when I live in apartament 25 m2 with a 4 wolfdogs. and any problem- longer walks do obedience and be all ok. wolfdog not can live in garden only he is a home dog not kennel

Rona 08-12-2015 18:48

Have you considered a dog-sitter? We live in an apartment with a vlcak (7 year old) and when we need to leave her on her own for more than 5 hours, I make an arrangement for somebody to come and spend 1-3 hrs with her, depending on the situation and length of my absence. I used to hire a translator who came and worked at my place while I was out and additionally could make some extra money. Now a 15 year old neighbor's daughter, who earns a nice addition to her pocket money comes from time to time. Alternatively we have a group of vlcak owners and sometimes help each other in emergency. It's enough for the person just to stay with the vlcak, there is no need to entertain her or take out to make her happy. I'm lucky because such situations are rare, once every few weeks/months, but over the last 7 years there were periods when my husband travelled and I worked longer hours and this solution worked very well.

I don't agree with the thesis, that a vlcak must have access to the garden, imo what he needs most is the company and plenty of exercise and mental stimula.
We take Lorka for really long walks 2-3 times a week, also to play with other dogs, including vlcaks, in fact her social life is richer than ours ;) We also practise tracking/trailing which makes her tired, happy and let her feel handy.

yukidomari 08-12-2015 22:20

Of course change can be hard for a dog to adjust to but with enough time and effort I think it can work out fine.

A lot of people's dogs don't have access to a garden and I don't think their happiness is contingent on that as others have said.

I have a house but it's probably no bigger than an apartment since we're in a big city. And during the day when I'm not at home they are not allowed to the deck because frankly it's not safe to do that here.

Of course, they grew up this way so are accustomed to it, perhaps just some more time, some readjustment training in expectations, and increased exercise and social events will help you through it.

I think near everyone can say a vlcak would rather have adjustment pains than to lose their human.

But in honesty, if you feel you must rehome him, I would do it with the cooperation of his breeder if it is possible.

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