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wolfin 30-07-2011 13:11

Nauja duomenu baze
We are working on the new database which is almost finished. Because of it there will be NO UPDATES till the begin of September. We store all emails which we receive and the sent information will be added! It is not going lost!

Second important thing: we ask the breeders to control information about ALL their litters. About every dog (every litter) we need:
- date of birth
- names of the parents
- names of the puppies
- chip or tattoo numbers
- names of the new owners (of course you can send all information if the owner agree about it)

Information sent by the owner is also warmly welcome!

IMPORTANT INFO 1: Please send us all missing information till the 30.08.
If something is missing the new system will mark such breeder as breeder who does not send the data and such breeder will have restricted access to the database. ALSO the contact information and kennel name of such person will NOT APPEAR in the database.
Only breeders who help us to keep Wolfdog up-to-date will be promoted in the future... So please check if by mistake there is no missing information by dogs bred or owned by you because the system will work automatically - computer keep always strictly to the rules.

IMPORTANT INFO 2: Personal data like the name of the new owner + the country + for example web page url is not protected - the breeder do not need to ask the owner for permission to send this info because it is allowed according the law of personal data protection. Permission is required ONLY when personal data is send (exact address, phone number (if it is not published on internet). So please do not write us you will not send us the names because you really can do it. We use it for statistical reason - we really need it to track the developement of the breed.

wolfin 30-07-2011 13:12

gal kas is anglistu pavers ar visi suprantat apie ka kalbama?

Vaiva 31-07-2011 11:00


Originally Posted by wolfin (Bericht 397781)
gal kas is anglistu pavers ar visi suprantat apie ka kalbama?

Na info realiai reikalinga veisėjams, pas mumi kadangi funkcionuoja tik GD, tai gal ir vertimas nėra būtinas :)

Tiesiog gera žinia, kad nuo rugsėjo vėl veiks atnaujinta duombazė, laukiu nesulaukiu :)

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