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hanninadina 11-03-2012 10:05

Demoniak de la Louve Blanche
Jos de Bruin, owner and breeder of Saarloos Wolfdogs living in germany brought some light in the discussion wheather Demoniak is a mix with american or europaen wolf. He wrote in american wolfdog forum:

"Pardon me! (But there was told, there is siberian wolf in who lives in the netherlands.) That never happened. They used an TWH Wolf-mix which i had and was supposed to get rehomed but i gave him to some one shortly and they let it dissapear and ended up with that breeder."

I remember that he bought in 2006 or 2007 this CSW/Wolf-Mix in Berlin for 500,--Euros. Because he had trouble with his neighbours and the courts he could not keep this dog. So it could be, what he wrote. But isn´t it ironicle that a Saarloos breeder put his hands in the csw breed? Ok, he says, he is not guilty... lol.

*Satu 11-03-2012 22:16

If your stories are true, you can ask him to taking contact to France kennelclub and do something what he can do....

martiou07 11-03-2012 23:20


Originally Posted by *Satu (Bericht 425285)
If your stories are true, you can ask him to taking contact to France kennelclub and do something what he can do....

yes , good idea !!!!

Joswolf 12-03-2012 00:11

Christian you should not tell so many lies. (Because he had trouble with his neighbours and the courts he could not keep this dog. So it could be, what he wrote. But isn´t it ironicle that a Saarloos breeder put his hands in the csw breed?)

I did not put my hands in or ever will, in TWH. I resque some wolves and mixes becouse some fools like him breed and make them come in wrong hands and be bred into Saarloos or TWH. In France it happence and even black wolfdogs are born. I saved one TWH mix with Carpatian Wolf, before being confiscated. It came in wrong hands after Christians friend stole the puppy and sold it to a TWH breeder or her neighbor. I had nothing to do with it i never gave it to that person. And when a breeder in France uses it for TWH i am not responsible.


michaelundinaeichhorn 12-03-2012 09:40

Jos, just put the link in here with your conversation on the american wolfdog forum. This should be enough to show the truth.


hanninadina 12-03-2012 11:43


Jos wrote at 9th march 4.52 am page 2 from 4, scroll down, there you can read what Jos wrote. And he told me by himself that he bought this cswwolf mix for 500,--Euros.

michaelundinaeichhorn 12-03-2012 11:57

I know this forum. You have a strong tendency to leave out important parts and somehow change the things about 180° when you quote other people...

hanninadina 12-03-2012 12:16

Can´t you read what Jos posted by himself in wolfdogforum????? What are you talking about? That I changed Jos his post?

Can you tell names Jos? Which friend of mine did you give the animal? You save wolves and wolfdogs? Lol, that is why you now want to breed your new white wolf Knut to Willem his black Raven.... both claimed as high content wolfdogs, but everyone can see that Knut is a pure. Raven from Mace might be a true high content. But Knut is not for sure.

And you Jos are talking about saving dogs? Yes you saved this 9 year old F 1 Saarloos from France and bred him with your female(s) and made false pedigree. There is enough written about that in Saarloos Forum. And do you remember Rick? He gave you his original pedigree for cheating! But you manage to get even with him in trouble. I never would do litters with wrong pedigree, no, then I breed without pedigree.

The point is that you bought this animal in Berlin!

Joswolf 12-03-2012 13:15

How can i be responsible for this TWH mixes? And the rest you whrote are lies to. Since when did i ever agreed to breed? I saved many wolves and Mixes and now last week i had to take in another wolfmix that needed new home. I never cheated any pedigree the Club Saarloos wanted to inbreed it and even now still breeders ask me to let one of the puppys being Phenotyped but i don't. You bring up more false storys and still can not show where i did anything wrong.
So i paid money! That is what you promise and than claim to forgot you card and never pay your debts. You see that is the difference between us.

hanninadina 12-03-2012 13:41

Jos, you yourself told so many times and people that you lie, if it is necesarry .... And don´t you know Rick in Sweden, lol? hahahaha.

You even ask my puppy buyers from Noomi, if they want to take Knut for breeding. I understand more and more why there are people in the netherlands who want to put some stones at your legs and throw you in a river. Take care.

Joswolf 12-03-2012 14:47

I only know one of your puppys and would never do that with friends of you.
keep dreaming.
And wow seems to be funny if you know Rick. Did you take some pills or do you you usually respond like this. I mean you do not lie couse i do always and everybody must untherstand becouse i knew Rick? Yes you are really making sense. Take some good advice, get a job..
For me this is no longer interesting. So hold me responsible for the TWH as if i care.

hanninadina 12-03-2012 14:52

Jos, did you forget that you took the papers from Rick his Saarloos? I met Rick in September 2010 in Sweden where he organized a wolf convention.

It is funny, that you forget always what you did say...., that is what I meant, what you tell everybody, "If it is not in my (Jos) interest, I say, I lied. Didn´t you tell me about your Dingos for example?

michaelundinaeichhorn 12-03-2012 16:54

At least now it's written what everybody knew anyway.
Demoniak and Doz are mixes with fake pedigrees. And all their offspring too (hello Gunner :nono)...

Joswolf 12-03-2012 17:01

I did not forget anything, Rick sighned falsly papers I didnot. And this club asked for it but insted now they breed with sick animals.
And now i told about Dingo's:banghead
Did anybody know i did not tell about goldfish:huh
This is rteally getting ridiculous. Can some moderator stop these allegations.

hanninadina 12-03-2012 22:16

Yes, you better should not have mixed in Jos. Jos the wolf and wolfdog rescuer..., rescued pure wolves called high content wolfdogs like your Knut from Winddancer wolves in the USA, rescued for 5.000,--USDollar with 6 weeks, lol. And now? Now you are collecting two year old american wolfdog females for breeding your wolf Knut - like you collected before F 1 Saarloos for breeding your own Saarloos. Do you really have some rescued animals?

The wolf pups you took and raised up because you wanted to have a carpathian wolf for yourself.

Do you think all people are blond and blue eyed? Most of your animals are used for breeding and bought or only been taken for breeding. I know a lot of people who asked you if you could take their animal as rescued. But it was always the same, you took only animals you could use for breeding. That is the simple truth.

And your buddies Mr and Mrs Eichhorn are fighting against my american wolfdogs and me, but you their friend Jos is starting to anounce breeding with wolf Knut although he is not 1 year old. But I understand. 5.000,--USDollar is a lot of money and you have to get back that money - in selling american wolfdog pups.

In germany we call this Scheinheilig. Means Jos is trying to be like Jesus, but in reality, he is dealer, a wolfdog dealer!

Joswolf 12-03-2012 23:29

The only blond one are you fool. All wolves and female wolfdogs are castrated and in 20 years i took in 25 animals and bred one litter of no pure breed. I bought in all of my life two times a dog for my self. Yes a real self dealer. The only one who took wolfhybrides for him self are you by lieing and cheating and not pay for a wolfdog the way you promised.
I took in animals that would have not lived any longer and that were taken away from autorities and given to me. Your lies will meet you.
I heard you are wanted Christian. Just a matter of time.
How stupid do you think the TWH people are? You really think some one believes you.
And what a dum question if i have resqued any animals did you not say you knew about the Dingo's? Confiscated and took away by court and so came to me. Just one example of you nowing nothing.
What is this forum about??? Is this TWH talk or just a platform for Berges talking bad about personal vetes.

tupacs2legs 13-03-2012 12:28

On who's authority are the claims that windancer/lorraine's animals are pure?

michaelundinaeichhorn 13-03-2012 15:59

This thread was about Demoniak de la Louve Blanche, wasn't it?
And not about some wolf hybrids from the US or even suspected wolves.

koomak 13-03-2012 22:48

Hello, I have DNA tests proving that Diamond's father is Volos! !

Christian, I am very disappointed with your behavior! You are a hypocrite! why you do me that? ? I thought you could be my friend. . . You made me a lot of harm to me and my babies! ! I do not understand

koomak 13-03-2012 22:50

Jos dont know Frank Capiez!!!

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