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admin 28-02-2012 13:51

New script for dog show results
Finally the new script is there - now you can add the show results by yourself:

Show results are now being published in real time. When choosing titles please use CTRL + mouse click to select multiple titles.

Tomorrow the database will be updated and (almost) all missing dogs will appear there.

IMPORTANT: it is not possible to UPDATE (modify) the results. If you see that the results are already added but you want to add/change something - send the results to me: [email protected]

If a judge is missing on the list - send me the name and country to [email protected]

Write the name of the dog show in the original language - do not translated the show names to English!

BTW: It is not possible to add champion titles till now. Be patient - I will add them later.

pedrocalle 11-03-2012 09:48

Muchas gracias, es una gran noticia que podamos seguir aƱadiendo resultados y estar informados de lo que sucede en los concursos.:p:p

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