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z Peronówki 08-08-2010 01:52

IX. CzW meeting & bonitation, Pozna (PL) - 27-29.08.2010
And again we would like invite all owners and fans of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs to the meeting in Pozna. It looks really interesting - people from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Netherlands and Slovakia will appear....
The agenda includes competition, party and training (tracking, protection and obedience) and bonitation. Shortly said: everyone should find something interesting...

Detailed information about the meeting can be accessed in event calendar: http://www.wolfdog.org/eng/events/168.html

If someone else is interested to take part in our meeting - please contact me... :)

And here you can find already pictures made during the last meetings:
2009 - http://www.wolfdog.org/drupal/en/gallery/subcat/0/1103/
2008 - http://www.wolfdog.org/drupal/en/gallery/subcat/0/780/
2007 - http://www.wolfdog.org/drupal/en/gallery/subcat/0/468/
2006 - http://www.wolfdog.org/drupal/en/gallery/subcat/0/436/
2005 - http://www.wolfdog.org/drupal/en/gallery/subcat/0/420/
2004 - http://www.wolfdog.org/drupal/en/gallery/subcat/0/393/
2003 - http://www.wolfdog.org/drupal/en/gallery/subcat/0/360/

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