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Gypsy Wolf 16-02-2019 18:21

The Search Starts for a CsV...
So my nearly 16 year old Malinois passed away & now it's time to find a CsV to fill the role of Mobility Assistance Service Dog, Show Dog, IPO Dog, Theatrical Dog & Beloved Companion - for hopefully as long as possible... my Malinois WORKED for an amazing 14 years due to good genetics & care (I worked as a Veterinary Tech/Nurse & learned a lot of tricks to maintain the best health).
Correct temperament is the most important characteristic to me - especially in our breed & the jobs I have in mind. I was just a "hobby" owner-handler, but was lucky enough to succeed at the highest levels of various competitions, gained local recognition & appeared in international media. I credit my dog, not myself! :)
Truly, most important to me is the bond & communication between myself & my dog. My college degree was Animal Behavior/Ethology - it is fascinating to learn how to speak *their* language, to guide them through development, to teach & expose them to the world... so even if we don't achieve the success I have had in the past, just enjoying our relationship will be more than enough.

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