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Gypsy Wolf 19-01-2011 04:06

Vlcaks show off at the South FL Fair!
My dog club - South Florida Working Dog Association - does dog training demonstrations every year at the South Florida Fair. As a club member we are all required to show off our dogs - in whatever they are good at. Our club mostly does SchH obedience and protection, but of course some of us Herd, Track, do Canine Freestyle, Rally, Agility, etc...
Luna goes out and does "puppy group" where the helpers play with the young dogs and toda we also brough Pollux. Both before and after the event we have to go attract interest and meet and greet the public, and of course every one gravitates toward the vlcaks.
I armed myself with plenty of goodies, and was pleasantly surprised that BOTH Vlcaks did really super - no nervousness, shyness or anything!
Pollux allowed strangers to pet him on the head and he was positively social. Luna treated it all is if it was old hat - she was very comfortable out there. I was really proud to see both pups do so well.
On Saturday the pressure will be on, though, as I will likely have to go out and show off the beginning obedience Luna has been learning - a tall order for her, but I am confident a little food motivation will work it all out just fine...

Natalya 20-01-2011 16:19

Congratulations with the succesful show-off! Do you have some photos of this event?

Mikael 20-01-2011 23:17

Good work Sara :) Tell us more about how it goes whit Lunas obedience on Saturday !!! And keep on herding :thumbs

And good to hear that Pollux is good and OK to :)

Very best regards / Mikael

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