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Medea 22-10-2013 14:58

Does anyone know this dog?
2-3 years old female CSV found in Bratislava.

She was cought in Bratislava after being there for several days.
She has a microchip but it is not registered.
Now she is in Vienna waiting for a new home.

According to the fact that she has been in the shelter for several weeks and also announced in the newspaper, i do not think that her former owners want her back. But maybe her breeders want to know what happened to her.

She is such a beautiful and charming lady, friendly to everyone. Hope she’ll find a loving new handler soon.


leila 23-10-2013 17:24

i thought its male :/ there was a male lost in bratislava

Dayen 01-11-2013 11:46

From those posted photos she seems much older to me than 2 years old.

What is the Nr. of her microchip?
Which registers and how many stud books / how many countries / did you contact?
Does she have any tattoo?

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