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draggar 19-03-2011 22:39

Day at the show.
My wife took Luna, Pollux, and Kiri to a show today (Zorro too but he was being shown). Luna, Pollux, and Kiri were there for a service dog booth my wife and her friend were running. I later joined them (I needed to sleep in a little).

I don't know what's happened to her (maturity?) but Luna was awesome today. She was social (for her), calm, confident, and was great even when she was handed off to someone else.

Luna is maturing into a super dog. Finally a lot of the puppy issues (that puppies in general have - it's all part of having a puppy) are going away and she's growing up. She's not as social but she'll tolerate strangers. She even walked up to one or two.

Unfortunately it wasn't a good day for Pollux, he was very skittish even with people he knows. We're thinking it is a phase and hopefully he'll grow out of it.

Kiri did very well, too. People loved her. Funny how when we're at a dog show everyone gravitates over to Kiri, even though she rarely won when we showed her. She's the kind of GSD who demands notice when she walks into a room.

All 3 have great movement - their backs are straight when they trot and they look like they are flowing.

Sara's friend took a nice picture of her:


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