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  1. juliana
    29-12-2011 21:30
    Hi Baz,
    thanks for your nice message! Yesterday I enjoyed it too. Yes, I wanted to talk to you about the Scottish music and many others so I think it is not for only meeting, we could meet often in tracking&trick training business. :-) Likejna is little fair maid, ellegant and nice. I had small mixbreed Benji so I like Afro because she´s an original. My daughter´s name is Antonie, familiarly "Toni" or "Tonicka" (pronounciation is "toniczka" :-) She´s 1 year old and she´s very brave ´cause she is everywhere with me, now in pram (she´s now too heavy)but whole Summer in scarf on my body. I would like to apologize for my English, I have lots to say but I haven´t talked since final exams on High school. Please correct me during our meetings, I need it for improving my speech. Thank you and I wish you and your dogs healthy, happy and lucky new year!
    Juliana, Toni and comp.
    P.S.: Did you see my website? It´s in Czech but there are many photos :-) http://juliana.dobrodruh.net
  2. Baz
    29-12-2011 18:48
    Hi Juliana,

    It was very nice to meet you & your pack yesterday. There were so many things that I had planned to ask you but I forgot (about your interest in Scottish music & many other things). However I must ask you, what is your daughter's name? We were talking so much & I kept meaning to ask you but we just kept talking about the dogs & whatever else & I forgot to ask.

    I also wanted to say that I'm very interested in teaching Likejna tracking (& any other skills that you can show her, Afro or me!), I'm really happy with Zdedněk but I'm always ready to learn something new. As I said yesterday, Likejna is the first dog that I have trained & she is already so much better than I had hoped for six months ago. That said, I am really interested to see what her potential is.

    Anyway, a very happy & prosperous new year to you & your family (& pack!).

    See you next year,


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