Coming litter: -priv. Del Gaudio- (2021-01-22)

Earliest date of pick up:2021-01-22
Sire:Fast Alastair -Lupifelix-, HD: B, ED: A (0-0), DM: ?/N
1 x BOS, 1 x Best Male, 1 x CAC, 1 x CACIB
Dam:Aram Starlight -Lupi del Pollino-, HD: A, ED: A (0-0), DM: N/N
This dog does not have any show titles yet...
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Kennel name:-priv. Del Gaudio-
kennel breeding dogs with FCI registered (or recognized) pedigrees
City: Montoro
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Information about parents:
Dog name:Fast Alastair -Lupifelix-Aram Starlight -Lupi del Pollino-
Date of birth:2013.01.142017.12.11
Health:HD: B
, ED: A (0-0)
, DM: ?/N
, Dwarfism: ?/N
, ED: A (0-0)
, DM: N/N
, Dwarfism: N/N
Show results:1 x BOS, 1 x Best Male, 1 x CAC, 1 x CACIBThis dog does not have any show titles yet...
Work & training:

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