2016-10-09 - Mednarodna razstava psov vseh pasem CACIB - Lipica

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Judge:Igor Selimovič (HR)
Show date:09/10/2016
Submitted by:DEDE
Submitted on:12/10/2016
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Arimminum CairoexcellentYouth Winner
 2. Arimminum (_?_) Yrkan ShahzadexcellentYouth Winner
Middle class
 1. Beaver Island -del Charisma del Lupo-excellentCAC
 2. Bolthorn Cino -della Favola del Lupo- (_?_)excellentres. CAC
Open class
 1. Byron MidgårdhusexcellentCAC
 2. Aixen z Bačovej svorkyexcellentres. CAC
Working class
 1. Fenix -del Lupo Dee Visse- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellentCAC
 2. Ainur -della Favola del Lupo- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellent
Champion class
 1. Devil Maverick -Canto dei Lupi-excellentBOS, Best Male, CAC, CACIB
 2. Arimminum Mystic Dudeexcellentres. CAC, res. CACIB
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Amazing Grace Siluc -priv. Cassiani- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellentBest Junior, Youth Winner
 2. Ygritte -il Sentiero del Lupo-excellent
Middle class
 1. Aimee Ferra Buddywolf (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellentBOB, Best Female, CAC, CACIB
 2. Bloody Yama -del Lupo Dee Visse- (?_MIX_?)excellent
 3. Bodhi Dharma -della Favola del Lupo- (_?_)excellent
Open class
 1. Astarte -della Favola del Lupo- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellentCAC
 2. Arya Stark della Favola del Lupo -della Favola del Lupo- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellentres. CAC
 3. Idola-Demona de la Louve Blanche (!_Saarloos_MIX_!)excellent
 4. Cassiopea Nivisregem -Nivisregem- (?_MIX_?)excellent
 . Cykada Spiderwolfexcellent
Working class
 1. Athena Shadow of the Phoenix -priv. Pasquali- (?_Saarloos MIX_REG_!)excellentCAC
 2. Baby Nymeria -della Favola del Lupo- (_?_)excellentres. CAC
 3. Blu Kiba -dei Maggio-excellent
Champion class
 1. Arimminum (?_Saarloos MIX_?) Lady AudreyexcellentCAC, res. CACIB
 2. Follia dei Lupi di Gubbioexcellentres. CAC