2015-04-12 - Esposizione Internazionale - Montichiari

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Judge:Boris Špoljarić (HR)
Show date:12/04/2015
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:12/04/2015
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Argo di Ta.Os -di Ta.Os- (?_MIX_?)very promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Parker Passo del Lupo (!_Saarloos_MIX_REG!)excellent
 2. Dorian Gray Lupi del Montaleexcellent
 3. Diamond Keiron Lupi del Nordexcellent
 4. Dinamo Miami -del Baldo- (?_MIX_?)excellent
Middle class
 1. Loki Passo del Lupo (_?_)excellent
 2. Black Forest -il Sentiero del Lupo-excellent
 3. Argo -priv.Boarini- (?_MIX_?)excellent
 4. Icaro-eh-Arimminum de la Seven Loup Cie (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellent
 . Yiska -priv. Tamburini- (_?_)disqualification
Open class
 1. Takuhi Passo del Lupo (!_Saarloos_MIX_REG!)excellent
 2. Fenix -del Lupo Dee Visse- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellent
 . Foresta Incantata (?_MIX_?) Jumpin Jack Flashdisqualification
Working class
 1. Brzask Wilk z baśniexcellentCAC
Champion class
 1. Danko Passo del Lupo (!_Saarloos_MIX_REG!)excellentBOS, Best Male, CACIB
 2. Ares -priv. Sterlaccio- (_?_)excellentres. CACIB
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Anahita Lupi Si Nascevery promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 2. Planka Passo del Lupo (!_Saarloos_MIX_REG!)excellentBOB, Best Female, Best Junior
 2. Ashoka -priv. D'Erchia- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)excellent
 3. Olly della Vittoria Alataexcellent
 4. Vida Skyla -del Lupo Dee Visse- (_?_)excellent
Middle class
 1. Follia dei Lupi di GubbioexcellentCAC, res. CACIB
 2. Anbeta z Rudého Údolíexcellentres. CAC
Open class
 1. Be Crazy Safira Ricky's Wolfexcellent
 2. Quirina Audacis -dei Grigi Audaci-excellent
 3. Greys Passo del Lupo (_?_)excellent
 4. Belen -Ezechielelupo-very good
 . Applaus for the Best Bubbledogdisqualification
Champion class
 1. Vacuna Passo del Lupo (!_Saarloos_MIX_REG!)excellent