2014-10-24 - Národní výstava - Brno

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Judge:Jaroslav Matyáš (SK)
Show date:24/10/2014
Submitted by:z Peronówki
Submitted on:27/10/2014
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Alter Ego Vetonimia (_?_)very promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Damon Wolf Lucky of Lukava (?_MIX_?)very promissingYouth Winner
 2. Arimminum Mystic Dudeexcellent
 3. Cameron Bohemia Luarovery promissing
Middle class
 1. Bloody Sunday -Ezechielelupo-excellentBOS, CAC, Country Winner
 2. Arimminum (?_Saarloos MIX_?) Lupinexcellentres. CAC
 3. Haki Srdcerváčexcellent
Open class
 1. Garon z Blatnických vinicexcellentCAC
 2. Garp Kuklíkexcellentres. CAC
 3. Carter z Katusického dvoravery good
Working class
 1. Aiko Sibillini -Sibillini wolf-excellentCAC
Champion class
 1. Argentum Wolf iz Vitairii (_?_)excellentCAC
 2. Jassper Malý Bysterecexcellentres. CAC
 3. Ziggy Lee z Molu Es (_?_)excellent
 4. Brit z Novobělské kotlinyexcellent
 . Aki -priv. Sterlaccio- (_?_)excellent
Baby (3-6 months)
 1. Ciri Anwarvery promissing
 2. Conny Anwarvery promissing
 3. Crazy Bell z Ranče Pohodavery promissing
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Arimminum Primrosevery promissing
 2. Kitty Grey Střípek snůvery promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Arimminum NeemexcellentBOB, Best Junior, Youth Winner
 2. Connie Vlčí tlapkaexcellent
 3. Brenna Anwarexcellent
 4. Era z Katusického dvoraexcellent
 . Baileen Vlčí tlapkavery good
 . Empathia z Katusického dvoravery good
Middle class
 1. Arimminum (?_Saarloos MIX_?) Lady AudreyexcellentCAC, Country Winner
 2. Cindy Grey Šedý poklad (?_MIX_?)excellentres. CAC
 3. Bella Lucky of Lukava (_?_)excellent
 4. Ghabi Srdcerváčexcellent
Open class
 1. Arimminum Geena DavisexcellentCAC
 2. Arimminum Hantayweeexcellentres. CAC
 3. Archie z Molu Esexcellent
 4. Candina Norský vlkexcellent
 . Ginger Wolf Lupi di Montemorellovery good
 . Hilary Kuklík (_?_)very good
Working class
 1. Bite Pilkoji Girios dvasiaexcellentCAC
Champion class
 1. Aglaya z Molu EsexcellentCAC
 2. Foggy Wolf Lupi di Montemorelloexcellentres. CAC
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