2014-09-13 - Raduno CLC - Chieti

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Judge:Leoš Jančík (CZ)
Show date:13/09/2014
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:13/09/2014
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Tyrael -priv. Guasconi- (?_MIX_?)very promissing
 2. Egon Gullna Ulfur -priv. Guasconi- (?_MIX_?)promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Delicate Sound of Thunder -Ezechielelupo-excellentBest Junior
Middle class
 1. Tre Quatri di Luna TaleteexcellentBOS, Best Male, CAC
 2. Aragorn -Lupi della Majella-excellent
 3. Arimminum (?_Saarloos MIX_?) Lupinexcellent
 4. Est Kenai dei Lupi di Gubbioexcellent
Open class
 1. Mozart Olim Palusexcellentres. CAC
 2. Evan dei Lupi di Gubbioexcellent
 3. KingAruk Olim Palusexcellent
 4. Varen l'Amico del Lupovery good
 . Elrond -Balze del Lupo- (_?_)very good
Champion class
 1. Danko Passo del Lupo (!_Saarloos_MIX_REG!)excellent
 2. Croll -il Paradiso del Lupo- (_?_)excellent
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Psiche Olim Palusvery promissingBest Puppy
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Dangerous Girl -Ezechielelupo-excellent
 2. Daisy Jane -Ezechielelupo-excellent
 3. Bruna Wolf Lupi del Montaleexcellent
 4. Arimminum (?_Saarloos MIX_?) Lady Audreyexcellent
 . Astra -dell'Aspro-excellent
 . Arimminum Nirvanavery good
Middle class
 1. Femke -Lupifelix-excellent
 2. Ombretta Olim Palusvery good
 3. Hara z Oravyvery good
 4. Frida -Balze del Lupo- (_?_)very good
Open class
 1. Monalisa Olim PalusexcellentCAC
 2. Arimminum Geena Davisexcellentres. CAC
 3. Cayenne Wolf Lucky of Lukava (_?_)excellent
 . Jungle Jiulia Olim Palusexcellent
 . Arimminum (?_MIX_?) Koravery good
Working class
 1. Enya -Branco dei Lupi- (_?_)excellentCAC
 2. Olivia -Lupi Dei Nibelunghi- (?_Saarloos MIX_?)very good
Champion class
 1. Vacuna Passo del Lupo (!_Saarloos_MIX_REG!)excellentBOB, Best Female