2012-04-29 - Raduno Club CLC San Remo

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Judge:Lisbeth Mach (CH)
Show date:29/04/2012
Submitted by:SARKA
Submitted on:29/04/2012
Middle class
 1. Ulisse Passo del Lupo (_?_)kitűnoBOS, CAC
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Arimminum EywakitűnoBest Junior, Club Junior Winner
Open class
 1. Be Crazy Safira Ricky's WolfkitűnoBOB, Best Female, CAC, Club Winner
Working class
 1. Arimminum Blaze of GlorykitűnoCAC
 2. Foresta Incantata (?_MIX_?) Imladris Siouxie le loupkitűnores. CAC