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Angry Database and stolen info


I just realized some info was taken from my personal facebook profile. Including photos and things I hadn't published in any other place (moreover, some was transported incorrectly). Sorry but... are you kidding me? This is ILLEGAL.
This is the kind of info I would send anyway but that's not the point. The point is that you are officially stealing info with no authorization and breaking basic privacy laws.
Who's doing this? Any explanation?
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Never ever put anything on internet you do not want to show up on the internet...

I understand your point, but the laws are from the past and if you take a look at them we all brake them...

But if there is a photo you do not like to be there, PM the Admin...

Very best regards / M
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Default picture

If they react as fast as they do when you PM them for a pic to be uploaded, I`m sure it will take even longer for the picture to disappear.
I understand that it is much work for admins to run a site like this and it is great that it exists, but I have to say that the service is really really bad.... If it is too much for them they should probably give admin-rights to someone who is really active in the formus and who can take care of everything like uploading pics, deleting pics etc...
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