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Default If you have 2 accounts or more - we can merge them...

OK, it will be last message for today...

If someone of you owns two accounts (or more) - please contact us.... We will merge them in one account which you use at the moment.... The fastest way will be to wrote post like this:

account_xxx, account_yyy, account_zzz -> account_aaaa

where 'account_xxx', 'account_yyy' and 'account_zzz' are account names, which should dissapear and 'account_aaaa' is the name of the account which you use at the moment...

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I had an account named Azazel and this is now merged with the account of my wive Spirit. Can someone of the administrator team please reverse this merge? (why don't i get an email before 2 accounts are merged asking if this is ok???)

I've written a pb to you Margo and Przemek but no reply yet unfortunatly.

it would be very appriciated f i can get my old account Azazel back.

Best Regards,
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