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I want to see really working results (FCI) not any training results.
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Default what should we add?

Hi !

I think you should add all titles that I have send for admin many many times ....even that they are Danish titles or do you have any restrictions on Danish titles ??? ...I have send all info that admin asked of me(link to list of all DKKV06-title winners), but only some of Uno`s Danish show titles is addet ....why ? ofcourse Czech titles is addet straight away, even that I have send Danish title DKKV06 long time before I was at show in Czech rep.

...If there is any restrictions on Danish titles I would very much like to know !

I write this here course I get no answer when I write direct to admin ?

Greetings Rolf & Uno
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I think we all are waiting most for the better gallery, where people can finally upload photos by themselves and faster.
It is no use to discuss what all could be changed, when there are changes that we were promised years ago and still nothing happened.
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In 2008 and 2009 I will sterilise 2 of my 3 females.
Wouldn't it be good to put a pictogram near those females in the database to inform everybody that they don't have any puppies anymore?
I think the year is important too.

It's the same idea as for dead CSW " with a red X"

Or make a list (like the stud dogs) of breeding females?

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