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would you like a simulation to be set up, or exact math results?

i guess a simulation would be much better, as you can easily change inputs to get different results (inputs like size of the founding population, criteria for selection, number of generations, ..) ..and though i like to play with math, i do dislike combinatorics.. all that above i was just trying to understand what you've said and to get curves closer to reality.. so i do prefere a simulation..

there are many things to deal with.. fenotypic expression of a gene affects selection.. there is a loss of genes - animals not being bred from.. trying to keep from mating close relatives.. also the mating is not endemic to a generation, so a depth of a complete pedigree tree of a csw nowadays can vary from 10 to 30 generations along its different branches - see an example page for a complete graphic pedigrees (back to the founding she-wolf Brita)

OT: that pedigree is php generated.. if a had a csw-dbase access, this could be done for any pair of csws.. or any csw itself, but my aim was to visualise blood relations between two of them to see if they could mate or not.. if you know about any genealogic software which is capable of drawing such complete pedigree, please let me know, i failed to find any on the net.. i don't want to improve my script until i'm sure there is nothing like that already done.. thanks

back to the simulation, if you provide me with inputs needed to set up a model of an animal (genetic specification, requested cross-overs behavior), i'll see what i can do.. also tell me what ever needs to be taken into account to set up a model of whole population (selection rules, loss of animals, mating animals of different generation, ..) ..and finally, what you want its output to look like, what you want to be able to inspect within an evolved population.. (like that presence of a marked gene in the gene pool, various distributions, ..)

p.s.: original curves took just 8 chromosomes into account, i said it gets sharper with higher number of chromosomes, but i needed to write a script first to handle all 78 of them..

Originally Posted by oblivion
the real distribution curve IS much more narrow (as you said; 45-55% wb is at 70% chance, 40-60% wb is at 95% chance, 35-65% wb is at 99% chance) because, in fact, canines have 39 chromosome pairs instead of just 4 used in my simplified example..
..this one was already sharp, though it was G=78 (instead of 7800)..

p.p.s.: what does the word "dwaddling" mean? ..dictionaries keep silent about it..
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