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Default diploma work

I'm a student of University of veterinary medicine in Slovakia. I'm writing a diploma work about czechoslovakian wolfdog and I need some informations about breeding of this dog breed in countries of Europe, because I'd like to do a number statistic of czechoslovakian wolfdogs in various countries of Europe.
I need to know:
- how many births was born in your country in years 1999 - 2008?
- how many puppies was born in years 1999 - 2008 (how many males and how many females)?
Is here anybody who can help me with this problem?
I have only statistics from Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland and Lithuania.
Informations from any other country can help me.
Thank you very much.
[email protected]
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Hello Petronela,

If I were you I would try to contact Elf(a user on this site) he have a tool which can find statistics very easily ...maybe he will help you ?

Here are official results from Denmark :

3 litters was born from 1999 to 2008.

2001 - 4 females
2002 - 3 males/2 females
2004 - 2 males

Greetings Rolf
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You have some Europe statistic here on wolfdog.org to: http://www.wolfdog.org/eng/dbase/stats.html

But if you wont more info I think to you are to talk to Elf or Margo.

Margo probably have the older data to...

Best regards / Mikael
*Hronec, Rasty, Zilja * Kennel, Wolfdog of Sweden* http://kennelwolfdogofsweden.vpsite.se/Home.html
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